First Practices

Here is a couple of photos from the first practices after high school season on Monday February 22.


We practice at Girsh Park in Goleta from 7 to 8:30-8:45 depending on how much we play and if we want to play on. Most of us don’t get home until 9 or maybe a little later, but there are also some people that live in Arroyo Grande, Lompoc, and Santa Ynez that drive down after school on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. These people on the team are probably the most committed out of all of us because they give up the most time out of their homework time and day to drive down and end up getting home around 10 or 11 at night.


Heres is a photo of some of the other teams that practice on the same field, but they start before we start and so when we are about a quarter of the way through they are done and we basically have the whole field to ourselves. The club rents out the field so that all the teams have a place to practice and so they created a schedule that allows everyone to get a fair share of practice time that will allow  each team to play well during each of their games.


Here is a picture of myself tying my new boots right before we start warming up for practice. I got new cleats because mine had just ripped and were getting a little small. Two other players had just got new cleats as well because they had there old ones for almost a year now. Most cleats that we get, we have to break them in because we want to have a good touch with them and have them feel good on your foot. At first though they might give you blisters because they’re a little big and your foot doesn’t fit quite right yet. If I have problems with my cleats during practice for the first couple of times, I tend to bring my old cleats so I won’t be bothered, and just wear my new boots the next practice to slowly break them in. What happens when you get new cleats/boots, how do you break them in so they feel right, leave a comment down below.


One More Week


As said in my about page, we clenched first place in Premier and just a few days ago we finally got our trophy, medals, t-shirts. With that, we celebrated at Owen’s house, mentioned in my previous post. The entire team was excited to grab the trophy because it looked like the world cup trophy. Also, the team was thrilled to see each other, but sadly not everyone could attend, but they are looking forward to enjoying playing club soccer once again, because our coach has just confirmed that we will start training for nationals starting on monday February 22. I am positive that everyone will be as hyped as I am and will be urging each other on to make one another stronger, faster, smarter, and finally create more chemistry between one another. If you don’t know how chemistry is interpreted in soccer, well, it is the way that players interact with each other on the field, and when you have good chemistry, you have a better understanding of that players strengths and weaknesses.

Brandon and Jose

Here is a little bit about the players in the three photos shown above. First, we have Brandon who is on the left side of the trophy that is between the two guys. Brandon is one of the younger boys on our team, but he plays his heart out and never gives up. His position on the field is normally Center forward, but it will sometimes change depending on the game and where the coach thinks we will play better. Next to Brandon on his right, we have Jose, he is one of the most physical players on our team and normally plays left or right wing. Finally, we have Frank who is alone with the trophy. Frank is probably the smallest one on our, but he is strong and has a very good touch. He is from Sir Leon and he has two other friends on our team that came from Sir Leon as well. These three players shown above are great helps to the team an we wouldn’t have gotten to where we were without there help.



Continue On

Santa Barbara High School

Here I am at the Santa Barbara High training ground for the varsity team. Right now high school season is coming to a close, but club doesn’t start until the end of February, and so most of the players are training with varsity for the rest of the season either to help them towards CIF or playing with them in CIF. Once club starts back up again I believe the team will be glad to see each other and we will talk about each of our teams and how they did during the season.

Rob Gym

Here is Owen Lambe a  star player on my team and we are hitting free kicks at Rob Gym  with a couple of friends trying to create a video because we think its fun and it would look cool. Owen is one of our forwards on our soccer team, but recently he fractured his knee and so he won’t be able to play for a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure most of the team doesn’t know yet, but if they did, they would be hoping he will get better soon and be able to join us in Vegas because he was a big help last time we played there for our showcase.


My Home

Here is a quick glance of my backyard, I have two goals spread out across the yard to make a soccer field so that when I have multiple friends over we can play a small sided game. Or, if it’s me and maybe one other friend we will do a free kick challenge  from across the field because it’s easier to place it if you are up close.  If we decide we don’t feel like playing soccer, we would most likely go inside and play Fifa 16. Fifa 16 is also a soccer video game, and it’s a big part of our soccer team, and most people have it or play it with friends. Recently I haven’t been playing since I  have been so stressed out with homework and such. Sometimes whenever there is a big group of our team and we are at someones how who has Fifa, we will start a mini tournament to see who the best players are. To tell you the truth, I am not one of the best, I am moderate, a little better than most.How would you rate yourself?  Also, if you had friends over that were soccer players, what would you do?