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Santa Barbara High School

Here I am at the Santa Barbara High training ground for the varsity team. Right now high school season is coming to a close, but club doesn’t start until the end of February, and so most of the players are training with varsity for the rest of the season either to help them towards CIF or playing with them in CIF. Once club starts back up again I believe the team will be glad to see each other and we will talk about each of our teams and how they did during the season.

Rob Gym

Here is Owen Lambe a  star player on my team and we are hitting free kicks at Rob Gym  with a couple of friends trying to create a video because we think its fun and it would look cool. Owen is one of our forwards on our soccer team, but recently he fractured his knee and so he won’t be able to play for a couple of weeks. I am pretty sure most of the team doesn’t know yet, but if they did, they would be hoping he will get better soon and be able to join us in Vegas because he was a big help last time we played there for our showcase.


My Home

Here is a quick glance of my backyard, I have two goals spread out across the yard to make a soccer field so that when I have multiple friends over we can play a small sided game. Or, if it’s me and maybe one other friend we will do a free kick challenge  from across the field because it’s easier to place it if you are up close.  If we decide we don’t feel like playing soccer, we would most likely go inside and play Fifa 16. Fifa 16 is also a soccer video game, and it’s a big part of our soccer team, and most people have it or play it with friends. Recently I haven’t been playing since I  have been so stressed out with homework and such. Sometimes whenever there is a big group of our team and we are at someones how who has Fifa, we will start a mini tournament to see who the best players are. To tell you the truth, I am not one of the best, I am moderate, a little better than most.How would you rate yourself?  Also, if you had friends over that were soccer players, what would you do?


Author: oneshotsb

I am a fifteen year old soccer player and I want to succeed with my team and win nationals.

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