One More Week


As said in my about page, we clenched first place in Premier and just a few days ago we finally got our trophy, medals, t-shirts. With that, we celebrated at Owen’s house, mentioned in my previous post. The entire team was excited to grab the trophy because it looked like the world cup trophy. Also, the team was thrilled to see each other, but sadly not everyone could attend, but they are looking forward to enjoying playing club soccer once again, because our coach has justĀ confirmed that we will start training for nationals starting on monday February 22. I am positive that everyone will be as hyped as I am and will be urging each other on to make one another stronger, faster, smarter, and finally create more chemistry between one another. If you don’t know how chemistry is interpreted in soccer, well, it is the way that players interact with each other on the field, and when you have good chemistry, you have a better understanding of that players strengths and weaknesses.

Brandon and Jose

Here is a little bit about the players in the three photos shown above. First, we have Brandon who is on the left side of the trophy that is between the two guys. Brandon is one of the younger boys on our team, but he plays his heart out and never gives up. His position on the field is normally Center forward, but it will sometimes change depending on the game and where the coach thinks we will play better. Next to Brandon on his right, we have Jose, he is one of the most physical players on our team and normally plays left or right wing. Finally, we have Frank who is alone with the trophy. Frank is probably the smallest one on our, but he is strong and has a very good touch. He is from Sir Leon and he has two other friends on our team that came from Sir Leon as well. These three players shown above are great helps to the team an we wouldn’t have gotten to where we were without there help.




Author: oneshotsb

I am a fifteen year old soccer player and I want to succeed with my team and win nationals.

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