Week 1 Player Bio’s

From now on and going forward I will start conducting and writing about each player on our team creating a bio for them. This week I am starting with 2 people, but it will change as the weeks continue. This week for player bios I am focusing on Wyatt Babineau and Kei Faulkner.

Wyatt and Kei
Wyatt and Kei

To start off I will introduce to you Kei Faulkner who is presented on the right side of the photo. Kei who we call K for short is new to our team and just had starting training with us at the beginning of the winter season right before high school had started. K is a hilarious guy and everyone on our team likes him, that is what I think at least. K goes to San Marcos High School with Wyatt and is close to a height of 5’5″-5’6″, or maybe taller. K is a central defender for our team and is strong, fast and smart. He has a great first touch and I will be glad to seem him play with us in nationals depending on our coach. For high school he also played as a central defender on the JV team and did great, he was hard to beat! K is an awesome person and I am glad to see him train with us the rest of the season.

Las Vegas showcase

Wyatt who is on the left side of the photo, has been with me and the team for several years now and has been a great help. He goes to Dos Pueblos High School and is a sophomore. He is 15 years old and is about 5’6″, he has been on club since U8 and we have been on the same team since U9. He and I played academy last year through the Santa Barbara Soccer Club, and so we both couldn’t play high school soccer because of several rules between the academy and high school. So, the first year he played high school, he was on the varsity team. Wyatt is a very fast, strong player, and also has become quite skillful. On club he plays either right or left back depending on other peoples comfort levels, also he sometimes plays up as a wide forward or midfielder.

Premier League

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