California Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser

This week my team and I had a fundraiser to gain money for our team account because we want to travel to a couple of fantastic places around the world next year along with Nationals this year. And so, we decide to have our fundraiser linked with California Pizza Kitchen and located in the Paseo Nuevo mall, which is in Dowtown Santa Barbara.

FullSizeRender (1)

We had a great time and I am pretty sure we had made a good amount of money that contributed to bringing our team account balance up. Also, a bonus to all of that, we got to have free pizza afterwards because of all the customers we had attracted for California Pizza Kitchen. Here is a picture of the flyer that you bring in to help us with our fundraising project.


The way this fundraiser worked, was when people were paying for their meal at CPK and they had this flyer that is shown above, they staple it to their check and twenty percent of the grand total goes to our club team. We had ten guys that showed up at CPK and helped out with passing flyers to people all over downtown. It was myself, Musa, Frank, Zyrus, Owen, Jahir, Martin, Kei, Brandon and Saul. I have done a player bio for a few of these players already. They are Kei, Jahir and Owen. If this is your first time reading this blog, you should go have a look at the previous posts to find out more about these three and if you continue following up with this blog, then look forward to next weeks post in learning more about Zyrus. Anyways, lets focus back on this weeks post. We split off into groups and walked around downtown for about 45 minutes.


Even though we were all just walking around passing out flyers, I am pretty sure everyone who attended had a great time and once we find out how well we did, I bet you that everyone will be even happier than they were before. I am hoping this gave you one idea at least for a fundraiser and hopefully it will help California Pizza Kitchen as well. If you had any ideas for a cool fundraiser, leave a comment below, and don’t forget to drop a like.


Author: oneshotsb

I am a fifteen year old soccer player and I want to succeed with my team and win nationals.

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