About Patch the Author

Patch Curtis is a soccer player for the Santa Barbara Soccer Club on the U15 White team. He and his team have just claimed first place in premier, which is the top level of soccer in Southern California. They are in high school season right now, but when they return they will start training for nationals and their goal is to gain another star for the club. He will keep an updated blog of the team by players alone and the team as a whole. He will post the schedules of all their tournaments and league games, so if you would like to attend, you can know where to be and what time it’s at. Also, he will compare games to other games so if you are their for the first time and you want to know a little bit about them, you can have a better understanding of what a good game is to them and a bad game.IMG_5971 (2)

IMG_5315 IMG_5605 IMG_5561

Our team never keeps a solid face whenever we play and so all the photos normally have weird and funny faces.


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